Emelle, Rolled Up 20’s, Stewart Cormack Gig + Stanley Odd Album Launch and Radio Session, GoNORTH and Rockness

Its been a busy couple of weeks for Alive & Amplified mainly due to the first ever gig on Thursday. Sneaky Petes was filled to capacity to see Emelle with support from Rolled Up 20’s and Stewart Cormack. This was Stewart’s first ever gig, and despite some pre match nerves he went on and delivered a cracking 25 minute set of , mostly his own track but also a nice cover of the Fratellis “Got Ma Nuts From A Hippy”

After Stewart came the Rolled Up 20’s who were playing their last gig with their current drummer. So this was a farewell party for him and the crowd turned up in droves to say their farewells. The lads rocked for around 45 mins and left the crowd almost defend with the volume of set, which included “Get It On”, “Song For Sixpence” and a load of new tracks. Check the guys out and see where they are playing next at www.myspace.com/rolledup20s.

Next up was headlining act Emelle, and despite the heat on stage the delivered a scorching 50 minute set playing track such as “Greaseball”, “Hometown Blues” and “Baby” from their new EP “What Would My Mother Say”.  With A cracking stage presence and great banter between band and crowd this band are sure to become one of Edinburgh’s best in the up and coming months. Check out their myspace page at www.myspace.com/emellebros for more info on getting the EP and catch them at Sneaky Pete’s again on the 17th July where they will be playing with equally as fantastic Bwani Junction.

Last Monday saw the release of Stanley Odd’s debut album “Oddio”(www.myspace.com/stanleyodd for more deets) and I was delighted to be invited to the launch at the Voodoo Rooms on the Sunday. They are without doubt once of the tightest bands going around at the minute and their Scottish Hip Hop always has the crowd hooked whether it is the first time you have seen them or the 17th. Ian and I were pleased to have them in the studio with us on Friday where they performed “Think Of A Number” and “Sundance” on acoustics and, in the absence of Veronica Electonika, Solaraye took over all vocals. The combination of this and being acoustic really gave the songs a new sound. I will have the session available online soon.

This week see’s the return of GoNorth in Inverness. GoNorth is a massive music conference which takes place on the week before Rockess. Born To Be Wide (www.borntobewide.com) are delighted to be heavily involved again with the seminars. On Thursday there is a Do It Yourself and a Music Management panel and on Friday there is a Music Making Money and a Sync panel. All details on these can be found at http://newfoundsound.co.uk/2010/06/born-to-be-wide-goes-north/ 

There are some fantastic bands playing the showcases in various venues in Inverness at night, including Edinburgh’s Stanley Odd, Metal Tech, Mearsault and Black International. Check out www.gonorth.biz for a full line and more info on the conference in general.

One last thing to anyone who is travelling up to Rockness, please please please check out Any Color Black in The Strongbow Tent at 7:30pm on Friday. This band are fantastic live and will be well worth checking out this weekend. If you aren’t going to Rockness worry not you can see them in the Granary in Leith as part of Alive & Amplified at The Leith Festival on Sat 19th June. Tickets are available at www.aliveandamplified.co.uk

One final word on this blog. I would like to thank Emelle, Rolled Up 20’s and Stewart Cormack for playing the first ever Alive & Amplified night last Thursday. I would also like to thank Nick and Kieran at Sneaky Petes for all their help with the venue and sound. Also a very very big thank you to Ian Schofield and Gary Tait and most of all thanks to everyone who came down to show their support for the bands. News on the next official night will be posted very soon. Until then keep adding yourselves to the facebook group here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alive-Amplified/110388078986930?ref=ts

Please leave any comments below….

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1 Response to Emelle, Rolled Up 20’s, Stewart Cormack Gig + Stanley Odd Album Launch and Radio Session, GoNORTH and Rockness

  1. Stewart Cormack says:

    I’d like to say thanks to Craig(Alive & Amplified)for gettin me the gig and giving me this opportunity, also thanx to all the guys from rolled up 20’s and emelle for all their positive support and comments after my set, cheers lads, another thanx for the sound guy and staff at sneaky pete’s and most of all those who came along, was a really good night. thanx all

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