Born To Be Wide, Friday Nights at Frankensteins, Alive and Amplified Presents.

Hello folks, this might be a short blog this week as there hasn’t been a great deal happening however once I start I may ramble on.

Firstly if you are reading this and you are in a band, manage a band, put on gig or if you want to do any of this or work in the music industry then getting yourself down to Born To Be Wide on Thursday night is essential. This months seminars will be on Booking Agents. Born To Be Wide are delighted to welcome Jason Edwards from Glasgow based The Art Of… he is shortly moving to 13 Artists in Brighton who represent Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead and many more. Jason will be joined by Lisa Whytock from Scotland’s biggest agency Unique Events, Alex Lloyd from Mainstage Artists and Joanna Ashmore from London-based ITB who represent Guns ‘n’ Roses, Aerosmith and Biffy Clyro and also work with locally based Aaron Wright and Mitchell Museum.

“A good booking agent can help boost an artist’s profile on the live circuit and help secure festival slots,” says Born To Be Wide co-organiser, Derick Mackinnon. “This is the first time in many years that such a seminar has been hosted in Scotland and it will provide an invaluable opportunity to find out about how this crucial part of the business works.”

The agents will describe what the job involves, what musicians should look for in an agent and what they need to be aware of if they decide to book their own gigs. It will also aim to provide an insight into what is involved in getting festival slots and tour dates. For people travelling from further afield, it’s worth noting that Edinburgh has a number of reasonably priced hostels, directly opposite Electric Circus rooms start from just £6.90 for a mixed dorm.

As I say this is a must for anyone who wants to be involved in the music industry not only will you get the seminar but the guests will be DJing afterwards and everyone will be sticking around creating a networking opportunity that cannot be missed.

Tickets can be bought from Avalanche Records or from they are £4.50 or £3 for Musicians Union members.

If you fancy heading out for some live music this weekend I would highly recommend the relatively new Friday Night At Frankensteins. This weeks bands are The Marvels, Scrap Brain, Inspired and The Forth Wall. In recent weeks these nights have hosted bands such as The Laymanites, Who’s Edna, Jakil and The Sundancer. For more information check out

I am delighted to announce that Alive & Amplified have booked Capstin Pole, Any Color Black and The Foundling Wheel to play at Sneaky Petes on 7th August at 7pm. Capstin Pole ( have went from strength to strength since being nominated for the Forth One, One To Watch award in 2008. This is no more evident than with the gig the lads are playing next weekend when they will play at London’s O2 Arena. Any Color Black ( are hot on the heels of one of their busiest times as a band. In the last couple of weeks they have played Rockness, headlined at The Leith Festival, had 2 radio sessions on Leith FM and have released their much-anticipated second EP “The Answer” You can get this from iTunes and all other good download stores. The Foundling Wheel ( is a solo project I discovered while doing some browsing on Last FM and myspace. “It’s beepy, it’s insane, it’s shouty. It’s angry but clever. It makes me want to drive a motorcycle the wrong way down the motorway. Naked.”- Milo McLaughlin, I Hear A New World, The Skinny.

Tickets will be available from very soon. Check the facebook page ( for updates

Please feel free to add any comments!! and check back next week for news of a good deed from Alive & Amplified.


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