Alive And Amplified, Carrie Mac, The Winter Tradition

Hello again from all at Alive & Amplified. It has been a busy few weeks with Born To Be Wide and the latest Alive & Amplified live night at Sneaky Petes.

The night itself went very well. First on was The Foundling Wheel. Ted delivered a cracking set and it was fantastic to watch him live. Some of the live loops and sounds this guy makes sound amazing. If you couldn’t see him you wouldn’t believe it was just one guy on the stage. Next up were the always amazing Any Color Black. The band came to this gig armed with a strobe light, laser and smoke machine. Now I know it’s all about the music, however having the lights really took the ACB set to another level. Headlining on the night were Capstin Pole. Despite a couple of technical difficulties (2 laptops breaking down) they delivered a blistering 45 minute set loaded with some of the best guitar based dance/pop Scotland has to offer. You can see why Capstin Pole have been through to numerous Battle of the bands final and recently featured on Sky 1’s “Must Be The Music” Thanks to Ian Schofield for doing the photography again. The photos can be viewed on the Alive & Amplified facebook page (!/album.php?aid=26358&id=110388078986930) While you are on the page give that little like button a click for up to date Alive & Amplified news.

The 29th of August is going to be an exciting day. It is the new release date of the debut single “Hello” from Carrie Mac. Carrie has had some stunning publicity over the last few months and had just played her first headlining show, at Electric Circus as part of the Edge Festival. She also played In Demand in Glasgow along side pop heavyweights such as; JLS, The Saturdays and Alexandra Burke. Carrie was recently on the radio with me to lug her show at Born To Be Wide where she aid she is very excited about the up and coming months. Get the single on iTunes on sunday and checkout her facebook page and for details of her Beanscene Tour which starts Thursday 26th August.

A band who Ian and I have had on the radio a good number of times in the last 3 years were The Void. The lads have just changed the name of the band to The Winter Tradition. I caught up with them to ask a few questions about the name change…

Alive & Amplified – Why did you decide on the name change?

The Winter Tradition – We all felt it was right to change the name. We’ve been under the old name since we were very young. So far the change has had very positive feedback and has pushed us in more and more places. Within a matter of days our single was played on Radio One! We’re really happy with the feedback we’re receiving

A&A – What can Void fans expect from the new band… will live sets feature old songs?

TWT – Of course, we are exactly the same band playing the same songs.. Just with a new name! We wanted to make it very clear to everyone that nothing has changed apart from our name
A&A – Are you excited about the up and coming tour?

TWT – We are very excited. It will be our first string of dates with the new name. We are also touring our new single ‘firelight’ which is exciting for us. Our friends LightGuides will also be joining us which will be tremendous fun.
A&A – Where would you like The Winter Tradition to be in 2011?

TWT – Well at the moment, we are working toward putting together our first album. So that will be out sometime in 2011! Plus much more touring to far away magical places!

Check out The Winter Tradition the Edinburgh Big Beach Busk at Portobello beach on saturday and at Sneaky Petes on 4th September. Get the new single “Fireflies” on Monday.

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  1. DIL23 says:

    Video from Alive & Amplified live night at Sneaky Petes

    Foundling wheel

    Any Color Black- You

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