Radio Playlist 24/10/10

This weeks Sunday Sessions was delighted to present Jack o Diamonds from Black Diamond Express and Al from Little Pebble and Come In Tokyo fame in to talk about his latest project The Oat Field. Check both these acts out by simply googling the bands.

Todays Playlist

Chapel Club – All The Eastern Girls

Hidden Orchestra – Tired & Awake

Session Guest Jack O Diamonds From Black Diamond Express

Really Got The Blues (Memphis Slim Cover performed live)

Memphis Slim – Grinder Man Blues (Guest Pick)

You Was Born To Die (performed live)

Dying Crap Shooter Blues

Frankie & The Heartstrings – Ungrateful

William Douglas & The Wheel – I’ll Be Your General

Grinderman – Mickey Mouse & The Goodbye

Interview With Al From The Oats Field

The Black Stocking Girl

Chelsea Whopper

The 10:04s – I’d Rather Have Character

Iona Marshall – Shell & Dye

Mangomad ft Solareye – A New Parable

We Were Promised Jetpacks – Moving Clocks Run Slow

Dinosaur Pile Up – Mona Lisa

Lip Sync For Our Lullaby – Nightingale Falls

Tune in next sunday from 4pm where we will hopefully have a live session from Londoners DOGS who will be playing Electric Circus next sunday evening.

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