The Sunday Sessions Playlist 31/10/10

Woven Bones – Your Sorcery

Health – Die Slow (Tobacco Remix)

Chapel Club – All The Eastern Girls (Live Acoustic Version recorded on Leith FM)

Miniature Dinosaurs – Cold Shoulder

Mangomad ft Solareye – New Parable

The Stagger Rats – See Through Spiders

The 10:04’s – I’d Rather Have Character

Arcade Fire – Ready To Start

Duffy & The Doubters – Spider Baby Jesus

Anika – Yang Yang

Tune – Yards – Sunlight

6 Day Riot – Take Me

Rieser – Poker Face

Chapel Club – Paperthin (Live Acoustic Version Recorded on Leith FM)

Emelle – Untitled (Live Acoustic Version Recorded on Leith FM)

Matthew Dear – Soil To Seed

Penguins Kill Polar Bears – Homebound

Vadoinmessico – Cave

The Tallest Man On Earth – King Of Spain

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1 Response to The Sunday Sessions Playlist 31/10/10

  1. Smithers says:

    Can’t believe I missed this week 😦
    Love Tallest Man on Earth- both the albums I have are superb for lazy Saturday/ Sunday listening. Will definetly be back in this Sunday (subject to being dragged round B&Q).

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