Blog 1 of 2 This Week. The Sunday Sessions 9/01/11. Recording Updates

Firstly this week I have to apologise for there being no blog last week, I was stuck in a hotel in Bedford with no internet connection. In this day and age this was highly surprising. I headed out to the local Wetherspoons to take advantage of their “free” wi-fi service only to be told that the two members of bar staff didn’t know the security code. So I will do two blogs this week.

Anyway… January has proved to be a very popular month for bands to get into the studio and start work on their 2011 releases. In the last blog I featured some of the albums that will be coming out in the next couple of months. So this time I will focus on a few local bands who are currently recording new material.

Firstly The Winter Tradition are in the studio recording their debut album. The guys are being very strict with this recording, when I spoke to them they told me “We have loaded all our equipment into a space and lock ourselves away from the world for 9 days.” Drums, bass and guitars are all recorded and they are now working on the vocal. “Everything is sounding massive and piecing together nicely” said the band. They are recording the album themselves as they prefer to be in control of the whole process. The album is set for a summer release. If you want more details on how recording of The Winter Traditions Album head to their recording blog at

Another band who are currently working on the whole recording process themselves are Glasgow’s Any Color Black. Andy & Louise are recording a double A-Side single “Fall Apart” & “You Never Listen” This double single, due out in May, will be the follow-up to the guys “The Answer” EP and “Touch Me”. if you don’t have these get over to and order a copy of each, you will not be disappointed. The band is heading out to Berlin this week for a gig and will be supporting the fantastic Metronomy at King Tuts this Thursday 20th Jan. Get along to this early if you have tickets.

A very new band who are currently working on their first release is The Grip. This band is so brand new they are currently looking for a drummer. They dropped their demo into me and I was very impressed with it. To me it sounded like a mash-up of smooth style Fun Lovin Criminals & Alabama 3. Not a bad thing in my ears. The Grip are looking to have the album out around Easter so look out for them playing a venue near you soon.

An EP that is recorded and ready to go is “Pure Antihero Material” from Stanley Odd. The follow-up to amazing album “Oddio” will be out on 21st Feb and the band are going out on tour to promote it. Check out for tour dates, EP news and find out how you can get the brand new EP & a gig ticket for only £6.50.

Here is The Sunday Session Playlist for 09/01/11

The Joy Formidable – Austere

Gorillaz – Tomorrow Comes Again

The Naked & Famous – Young Blood

Sister Crayon – Still The Same

Zoo Kid – Out Getting Ribs

The Banana Sessions – The Drunken Doormouse

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Janglin

White Lies – Bigger Than Us

Black Mountain – The Hair Song

The Vaccines – Wreckin Bar (Ra Ra Ra)

Death From Above 1979 – Sexy Results

The Oats Field – Black Stocking Girl

Come On Gang! – Wheels

The Pretty Reckless – You Make Me Wanna Die

Fever Ray – When I Grow Up

Saint Saviour – I Like To Hide (Live From The Union Chapel) Free download @

Future Of The Left – Arming Eritrea

Warpaint – Shadows

French Miami – Older

Emelle – Baby

Arcade Fire – Ready To Start

Again apologies for the delay on this and check back on Thursday when blog 2 of 2 will be up. 


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