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So here we are again, after a long, long absence I have decided to start the blog again, I feel I have had more comebacks than Barbara Streisand but this one will be greater that Lazarus I promise. Or will it last a couple of weeks? Who knows. I have decided to make the blog more structured. Sections and everything. It might be easier to keep on top off. After Born To Be Wide’s Blog seminar I was inspired to create a “super” blog. This would include the blog, podcasts, up and coming A&A news, a live link to the radio show etc etc, this is still on going. I feel I may need some assistance, anyone? No? Oh well on with this then.

What’s Been Happening

Well, since the last blog there has been loads that has happened so I’m not going to go through everything, I will mention a few things before I go onto more current events. Haddow Fest went off with a bang and despite some difficulties with venues, bands and organisation the whole weekend was a success. I was delighted to given to opportunity, by festival organiser Hamish Jolly, to interview some of the bands that played the weekend, including Razorlight (not Borrell though, he doesn’t do press seemingly). Anyway instead of rattling on about it here check out the 2 podcasts I made which feature the interviews and music from the bands. They are here & here.

We also had Wide Days, which I was involved with. Anyone who doesn’t know about Wide Days it’s an all day spin-off event from Born To Be Wide, which is a monthly music seminar and networking night held in Edinburgh. The day consisted of a whole host of panels, workshops and one to one sessions with some of the top players in the UK music industry, those who weren’t there definitely missed out. After a day of knowledge getting, it was time to soak up some of Scotlands best up and coming bands and artists. I’m not going to give to a run down of every band as it’s all about your own opinion, just click on the band’s name here and get a link to there pages and judge for yourself, as alway any feedback is more than welcome. Firstly it was off to Sneaky Petes to see Letters and Paws, then along to Cabaret Voltaire for Rachel Sermanni and Withered Hand, finally ending up in Electric Circus for Capitals & GoGoBot. You can also hear an interview I did with Rachel Sermanni on Leith FM on that second podcast above.

Right on to more current on goings. I was delighted to be invited along to Detours “Wee Jaunt” around Edinburgh. The Wee Jaunt is basically a trip around Edinburgh stopping at along the way to listen to some of the best bands from the city. On the day we witnessed probably the noisiest a library has ever been, techno, techno, techno  with TeKlo at the Pleasance Courtyard and Lady North on the urine splattered steps of Fleshmarket Close, one again ending up at Electric Circus to hear Discopolis and Found. A fantastic day out that was made a little hazy with Jaegerbombs and the Stanley Odd lot. Good times indeed.

This weekend saw the start of the annual Leith Festival where Leith gets taken over for 2 weeks of culture including music, poetry, drama and art. I, of course will focus on the music. While there are some great bands playing this year including Ariels Up, Kim Edgar, Emelle, Kat Healy and The Gold Lions (click to listen) I think it is a shocker to put your biggest pull (Ariels Up) in the atmosphereless great big working mans style club that is the Dockers Club. The Dockers is a great venue to have you mum’s 60th in or even you dad’s second cousin’s daughters christening. This, however, is not a music venue and never will be. There are too many seats that people automatically sit on and the gig loses all aspect of  what it is meant to be, a live music gig, where people get down the front and jump about sing along and dance, not sit at seats drinking their whiskey chasers discussing the latest Coronation Street episode or the latest footballers affair scandal. I was disappointed to see Leith venues such as The Granary (which has worked in recent years) Pilrig Church and Nobles not used as much as The Dockers and its equally seat ridden Queen Charlotte rooms.

Recent Releases

Pose victorious – Beneath The Light House EP – Download

The Laymanites – All The Angels – Download

Scrap Brain – Nal – Download

What’s On?

Monday 13th

Matt Norris & The Moon – The Village – £5 (£4)

Tuesday 14th

Laki Meri – Sneaky Pete’s – £5

Wu – Tang Clan + Hyro Da Hero + Young Dirty Bastard + DJ Semtex – Picture House -£30

Thursday 16th

Seven Deadly Sins + Miss The Occupier + Casino Queen + Ghosts Of Progress – Dockers Club – £5

Friday 17th

Supermarionation + Rolled Up 20’s + China Shop Bull – Whistlebinkies – FREE

Friend Of Friends + The Gold Lions – Queen Charlotte Rooms – £tbc

Edinburgh School For The Deaf – Sneaky Pete’s – £5

Mearsault + The Savings + Loan & John Eghill – The Caves – £7

Bwani Junction – Maggie’s Chamber – FREE

Kim Edgar – Iso – Bar – £7

Saturday 18th

Discopolis + Blank Canvas – Wee Red Bar – £tbc

Little Doses + FO Machette + Death Trap City – Cabaret Voltaire – £6

The Mars Patrol – Electric Circus – £7.50

Waverly – The Store – £5

Stevie & The Moon + The Laymanites + Sau Paulo – The Voodoo Rooms – £6

Sunday 19th

Mouthful Of Grass + The Dark Jokes & Cutter + Willis Band – The Village – £tbc

Augustrailia + Remnant Kings + A Fight You Can’t Win – Dockers Club – £5

What Have I Been Listening To While Writing This Blog

Frank Turner – England Keep My Bones

Grouplove – Grouplove EP

What Did I Play On The Sunday Sessions Last Week On Leith FM

Coldplay – Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

My__Is Pink – Yes!

The Naked & Famous – Youngblood

Blood Orange – Sutphine Boulevard

Stanley Odd – The Winter Of Discontent

Emelle – Greaseball

Grouplove – Colours

Muse – Time Is Running Out (live)

Saint Saviour – This Ain’t No Hymn

PJ Harvey – Soft Queenie

The Gold Lions – Elsies House

Horrors – Still Life

Young Knives – Love My Name

Admiral Fallow – Squealing Pigs

Night Beats – Dial 666

Pose Victorious – Off The Wall

Other Lives – 4:12’s

King Post Kitsch – Don’t You Touch My Fucking Honeytone

Man Man – Steak Knives

The Draymin – Mirrors

The Oatsfield – To The Sea (live)

Steve Heron – A Conversation Waiting To Happen

The Black Keys – You’re The One (Live)

Snow Patrol – Crazy In Love

Jeff – The Brotherhood

Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks

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