New Releases, What’s On and Leith FM Playlist 2nd October 2011

I’m not going to go into a big rant about how this is the blog back and it will be back weekly from now on as I think I am jinxing it. Also maybe that kind of weekly commitment isn’t for me. I have been meaning to get back into the blog for a while now but for a few reasons my nights have been jam-packed with other stuff, however I received a tweet last night asking what had happened to the blog. So, as it seems there is a demand for this now I decided I should crack on and get it done. I am going to attempt to do two this week. This one now and possibly one on Friday. I would usually say Thursday but I’m off to see We Were Promised Jetpacks in Brighton on Thursday.

New Releases

There are a few releases due out in the up and coming months, I am going to focus on four here just now but I will feature more nearer their release date. I’ll be kicking off with the new EP from my favourite Scottish Hip Hoppers Stanley Odd. They release “The Day I Went Deaf” on 24th October. The follow-up to “Anti Hero Material” sees Stanley Odd take a further step away from the light-hearted lyrics from debut album “Oddio” and walking into the more dark side of Scotland’s current state. “Get A Grip” tackles the recent phone hacking scandal and “Simon Cowells cannibalism” as well the Government “trying to jack off watching Cher Lloyd getting her swag on”. To me this track is,in parts, an update to 2010 round-up “The Oddyssey”. Lead track “The Day I Went Deaf” see’s Solareye stop listening and start tweeting and how so-called “Smart” phones have possibly numbed our minds. Get yourself along to where you can pre-order the EP and buy tickets to the launch, which will be on the 21st October in The Liquid Room.

On 14th November will see the eagerly awaited release of debut album “Of Rust And Loss” from The Stormy Seas. This has been a long time coming but I am very much looking forward to hearing this album. The guys were guests on my Sunday Sessions show on Leith FM where they performed 3 session tracks which you can hear here. The launch for this will be in the Wee Red Bar on 12th November and you can download their current double A-Side for free here.

Luke G. Joyce, former frontman of The Gothenburg Address has released new album “The Spector & The Act” under his solo project I Build Collapsible Mountains. I first saw IBCM’s outside The Gothenburg Address playing on a roof in the Pleasence Courtyard as part of Detours Wee Jaunt in Edinburgh a few months back, and seeing a guy with just an unplugged acoustic guitar outdoors capturing a big crowd like he did, was pretty impressive and the album does not disappoint. Have a listen and buy it here.

Last but certainly not least is the new EP from former Groove Armada star Saint Saviour. “Suukei” is the following up to springs “Anatomy” including tracks “Here In Me”, “Red Sun” as well as a couple of cracking remixes. If remixes are your thing check this one out which you can get for free “Here In Me Remix” This is a great remix but you don’t get to hear the beauty in Saint Saviours voice in this, for that get along to iTunes to but the whole EP and while you are at it you’d be silly not to just get “Anatomy” as well. Hopefully Saint Saviour will be doing an interview on The Sunday Sessions soon.

What’s On    * = A&A Recommends


6pm – Easy Chair – The Jazz Bar – Free

7pm – Munich – Electric Circus – £6 (£3)


7pm – New Model Army – Liquid Room – £18.50

7pm Bwani Junction + Miniature Dinosaurs + Blank Canvas – Electric Circus – £5 (£3) *


6pm – Rossco Galloway – Jazz Bar – Free

7pm Bill Wells & Aiden Moffat – Cabaret Voltaire – £10

9:30pm – Emelle – Nobles Bar – Free *


7pm – Strawberry Ocean Scene – Electric Circus – £5 (£3)

7pm – EagleOwl – Wee Red Bar – £5 *

7pm – New Confessions & The Directors – Liquid Room – £5

What Have I Been Listening To While Writing This

We Were Promised Jetpack – In The Pit Of The Stomach

Stanley Odd – The Day I Went Deaf

The Stormy Seas – Morbid Desires/The Tall Ships

Vic Galloway’s BBC Introducing Podcast – 7th Oct

The Sunday Sessions Playlist – 02/10./11

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Beastie Boys ft. Santigold – Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win

Foo Fighters – Arlandria

Horrors – I Can See Through You

SBTRKT – Pharaohs

The Gold Lions – Elsy’s House

Coldplay – Mylo Xyloto/Hurts Like Heaven (Live From The iTunes Festival)

Joe Goddard – Gabriel

Mona – Shooting The Moon

Transfer – Losing Composure

White Lies – Death (Live From The iTunes Festival)

PJ Harvey – The Last Living Rose

The War On Drugs – Baby Missles

Saint Saviour – This Ain’t No Hymn

Groove Armada – Paper Romance

Frank Turner – If I Ever Stray

Discopolis – Lofty Ambitions

We Were Promised Jetpacks – Act On Impulse

Metronomy – Everything Goes My Way

Make Sparks – Your Heart Is On Fire

Grouplove – Itchin’ On A Photograph

Florence & The Machine – What The Water Gave Me

Admiral Fallow – Squealing Pigs

Chapel Club – All The Eastern Girls


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